About me

Hi, I'm Angie. Thank you for visiting my store. I design and craft jewelry and other accessories for men, women and the home. I create everything you see here. Most are my original designs and some are common designs used in the beading world as I call it, but i make every piece with my own hands and always give credit to original designers if at all possible. My love for creating jewelry began when I was about 9 years old. I had a lot of surgery as a kid so that meant a lot of time recuperating in the hospital and at home very bored. My grandmother would bring me word search books and beads to keep my mind busy so it took off from there. I started just plain stringing different color patterns like you see on some of the pieces. I learned how to weave the string to make loops and things like that. Then I decided to try earrings since they looked pretty easy to make from what I was seeing. Recently within the last year I have moved into wire, making my own chains and pendants. This is still challenging to me but really fun because, as anyone who knows me can tell you, I love a challenge! I have been creating jewelry over 25 years now, and it never gets boring for me. I do it all day long and still never catch up to all my ideas :) There will be many more designs coming and I look forward to making a one of a kind item for you so please feel free to message me! Thanks for reading